Development of Robot Hand Carbonizing and Magnesium Substitution

Facility Overview

Our company has developed robot hand utilizing CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) and magnesium alloy.
This development article realized weight which is about 2/3 of conventional product in which steel for general structure and aluminum alloy were combined.
Base and Arm Sections: Made of CFRP with Ultra-Lightweight as well as High Mechanical Strength/ High Rigidity
Linear Bearing Section: Made of Light and High as well as Mechanical Strength Magnesium Alloy Relative to Aluminum Alloy

Development Background

The robot hand which is able to correspond to a variety of actions flexibly has been utilized in various scenes recently and quicker operation and higher safeness are requested in the middle of high grade action expected.
Our company has started the approach of developing robot hand adopting CFRP and magnesium alloy which is ultra-lightweight as well as high mechanical strength/ high rigidity.

Expected Applications/ Effects

Effects by Weight Saving
 1) Duct Time Reduction by Speedy Movement
 2) Cost Reduction by Robot Downsizing went with Load Reduction
 3) Stabilization of Work Conveyance by Inertia Weight Reduction
 4) Equipment Compactification by Accessory Downsizing

Effects by High Strength/ High Rigidity
 1) Improvement of Safeness and Reliability
 2) Improvement of Durability
 3) Stabilization of Work Conveyance by High-Damping Performance
 4) Equipment Compactification by Major Parts Downsizing

CFRP has the image of expensive but its cost performance gets extremely higher by performing planning/ design/ production to satisfy use application.
Please contact us if you need to make ultra-lightweight as well as high mechanical strength/ high rigidity.

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