Development of Vacuum Spray Dryer (VSD)

Facility Overview

[Vacuum Spray Dryer (VSD)] which was developed based on totally new principle is able to dry under low temperature and less oxygen conditions and is able to obtain dry powder with less thermal alteration and oxidization by performing spray drying under vacuum condition while it was performed under atmospheric pressure.

The patent was obtained for the facility in USA and China in 2015.
USA: US8,966,783 B2; Obtained on May 3, 2015
China: ZL 2011 8 0037087.4; Obtained on July 22, 2015

Note-1: VSD is the abbreviation of Vacuum Spray Dryer

Development Background

[Making lactic acid bacterium to be dry powder alive] was the development purpose.
VSD is the equipment expanded from this industrially and added unique idea to differentiate technology and patent of other preceding companies to be TANABE Brand.
It is able to evaporate moisture under low temperature with overheated steam as heat source under vacuum and making weak heat resistance product to be dry/ powderization.

Drying Mechanism of VSD

Overheated steam is supplied to steam nozzle at the top of evaporator and base liquid and compressed air are supplied to twin-fluid nozzle.
At the twin-fluid nozzle, base liquid is processed to liquid droplet with the size of 10 ~ 50μm by using compressed air and is sprayed.
The temperature of sprayed liquid droplet from steam nozzle starts to increase since the heat from overheated steam ejected from steam nozzle is flowed in.
The overheated steam has large potential heat amount with respect to dry air and heat exchange is performed efficiently.
The moisture is evaporated from the surface of temperature raised liquid droplet.
The overheated steam around is cooled and temperature gets down when moisture is evaporated at this time.
The approaching temperature becomes the saturation temperature at the degree of vacuum in evaporator.
The liquid droplet will be dry powder with time but the temperature of article is not raised above saturation temperature at the degree of vacuum in evaporator as far as moisture is remained even a little.
The raw material which became dry powder after moisture evaporation keeps up a stream of steam with saturated temperature and is collected by cyclone separator.

General Flow and Components of VSD

Expected Applications/ Effects

VSD which was developed for the drying of probiotics (Lactic Acid Bacterium and Bacillus Bifidus) with high heat sensitivity, ferment and vitamin but it is able to expect the application to chemical substance with weak heat resistance and pharmaceutical raw material.
It is capable to remain the high steam pressure component than steam contained in raw material and hydrophobic property, and separate the component with lower steam pressure than water and the component with hydrophilic nature selectively.
VSD is not only mere drying equipment but is applicable to the development of new raw material never seen before.

An experimental facility has been installed at HIMEJI Technology Center.
It is possible not only to confirm the applicability to VSD but also supporting to make small quantity sample.

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