Development of Next-Generation AGV [WYN Series]

Our company has developed the next-generation unmanned carrier [WYN-300] which is able to drive freely by installing simple course easily in facility and factory without installing magnetic tape and guideline on the floor.

1. Self-Location Automatic Recognition Sensing Function

The existing AGV required a lot of expense and time for layout change because it utilized magnetic tape and guideline.
The next-generation AGV of our company is installing [Self-Location Automatic Recognition Sensing Function] which does not need magnetic tape and free-carrying route setting is capable.
Route change is capable instantly from computer and route transfer is capable in several ways by pattern registration.

2. 24 Hour Operable Wireless Power Feeding System (Optional)

24 hour operation of next-generation AGV is realized by applying Wireless Power Feeding System.
The next-generation AGV is hassle-free because it drops by power feeding position automatically and returns automatically after power feeding.

3. X-Y-θ Unit Permitting High Precision Work Delivery (Optional)

It is possible to install [X-Y-θ Unit] which is the high precision positioning unit for AGV Stop and Work Delivery.
It realizes AGV Operation Positioning Error Correction and High Precision Work Delivery for ach equipment.

4. Product Lineup

Standard Type; Magnetic Tape not required

Low Gravity Center/ Heavy Loading Type; with Broad Loading Area

Camera Installed Monitoring/ Observation Type

Major Parameters

*Specifications may be changed without advanced notice.

External Dimensions550W × 900L × 550H550W × 1300L × 400H520W × 620L × 900H
Total Weight80kg120kg80kg
Weight Capacity100kg300kg-
Driving Speed30m/min, normally; 55m/min Max
Rotation DirectionCurve and Spin Turn
Stopping Accuracy±15mm
Continuous Driving Time8 hours, approximately (Nominal)
Charging TypeNon-Contact Power Feeding System (Optional)
Maximum Driving Area100m × 100m
Remote ControlOperational with Wi-Fi
OptionRobot Installation/ X-Y-Z-θ Table, etc.

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