Development of Liquid Medicine Filling Robot Cell

Equipment Overview

Development of [Robot Cell for Medicinal Solution Filling] by using dual-arm robot was successful.
Corresponding to high-mix low-volume production becomes possible by applying robot to filling related work required for clinical trial and production of pharmaceutical article, etc.
Multiple numbers of works such as instrument layout, medicinal solution filling, sealing, etc., in isolator under sterile environment are executed by a robot.
The application is spreading to other than filling currently and it is able to perform from application development up to simulation and demonstration test upon customer’s request.

Development Background

Taking the role of medicinal solution filling by automated instrument and human was the main stream at the sites of clinical trial and production so far.
However, it is difficult corresponding to high-mix low-volume production by automatic machine and strictness/ safeness of manual work are becoming issues so solution by using robot was worked out to reach development.

Expected Applications/ Effects

Automation of medicinal solution filling work which requires sterile environment or hazardous to human becomes possible by using dual-arm robot.
In addition, it becomes possible contributing to high-mix low-volume production which was difficult in pharmaceutical business field before.

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