• Thermal Machine / Industrial Furnace

Thermal Machine / Industrial Furnace

Needs Satisfied Design/ Production of Heating & Drying Equipment
Our company will propose plans appropriate to functional/ operational conditions required by customers and will perform design through production.
Rich Experience Based on a Lot of Production Accomplishments
Our company has rich technology and experience obtained from equipment production in various fields starting from batch type/ continuous type heating equipment up to powder drying, vacuum drying equipment, etc.
Domestic WESTOMAT Developed by Technical Tie-Up with StrikoWestofen Company
WESTOMAT prides 4,000 unit sales accomplishments over the world. 450 units of WESTOMAT domestic products developed by our company have been sold and are contributing to energy-saving, safety, and CO2 discharge suppression.
Our company will respond to all kinds of needs from various thermal machineries/ industrial furnaces up to WESTOMAT developed by the technical cooperation with StrikoWestofen.

Product Introduction