The maintenance work performed at various industrial fields such as chemistry, petroleum, metal, etc., is the origin of our company. Since a lot of professional-track employees who have high skill accumulated through long time experience are enrolled in our company, our company is contributing to customers with high mobility and technics/ skill level at unexpected construction work, periodic maintenance work, etc. Our company also provides high level technology through improvement proposal considering failure recurrence prevention, equipment diagnosis and inspection.

Routine Maintenance
The maintenance force of our company will perform the routine inspection and repair on the customer’s various equipment and contributes to the steady operation of plant. Our company is performing facility diagnosis/ inspection (preventive maintenance) in order to prevent trouble in advance but will try to recover quickly by working with the customer if any trouble occurs by any possibility.

Periodical Repair Work
At the shutdown maintenance in which customer’s facility is stopped for a certain period of time periodically, technical capability as a matter of fact, drawing power and leadership capability are required. Our company will provide appropriate maintenance service that supports the needs by taking closer linkage system to customers and cooperative firms over the country.

Product Introduction

Overhauling of Rotating Machine-1

Overhauling of Rotating Machine-2

Maintenance - Inspection on Static Equipment-1

Maintenance - Inspection on Static Equipment-2

Overhauling of Hydro Power Plant-1

Overhauling of Hydro Power Plant-2

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